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2 Ways to Use Patterned Cards with Stamps

2 Ways to Use Patterned Cards with Stamps

Ever got a box of pretty patterned cards and not sure what to do with them?  They are so pretty but you want to something handmade, here are a couple of ideas of ways to use you patterned cards and envelopes but turn them into your own design.

1) Use a banner

Cutting a strip of a solid cardstock to break up the pattern of the card for you to stamp on but allows the beauty of the pattern of the card to shine as well.

I used the Home Sweet Home stamp set with the Sea Surface Ink and the Raven detail ink for this card.  The sea ink match the colors of the card so well, it brought in that touch of unity to the card.  Here is a video on how to make this card.

2) Decorate the Envelope Instead

If the card just seem to hard or you love it just the way it is, decorate the envelope to make the card handmade.

I used the Happy Mail stamp set paired with the Grow with Me stamp set to make this envelope extra special along with the Rouge ink and a red pen to match.  A few little doodles and paired the stamps makes this a unique and special card.  Here is a video on how to make this handmade envelope.

So now you know 2 fun ways to use patterned cards with your stamps to make them extra special!

Click On The Images Below For The Brutus Monroe Supplies Used

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