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Miss You!

Miss You!

Happy June my crafty friends! I love the joy collection so much that I decided to create another card using the joy inks and stamps.
Supplies Used:
Brutus Monroe 6 x 6 Card base
Brutus Monroe Heavy glitter Cardstock
Brutus Monroe Sea & Cabbage Cardstock
Brutus Monroe mixed media Paperpad
Brutus Monroe Detail Ink
Brutus Monroe Joy Collection Sherbert Inks
Brutus Monroe Joy Collection Joyful Sentiments Stamp
Brutus Monroe Joy Collection Spring Garden Stamp
Layering on the 6 x 6 card base I glued the glitter paper down followed by the sea cardstock. With the cabbage cardstock I thank created 3 1.75" x 5.5" stripes. I then choice my white cardstock from the mixed media paper pad and cute that piece to 4.5" x 5". Using a random pattern I than began stamping flowers, and dragonflies, and leaves using the joy collection inks.
Once my white cardstock was covered I than cut down the cardstock into 3 equal stripes of 1.5" in width, and than glued them down to the cabbage cardstock.
I glued the the image down on the sea cardstock trying to evenly space out each stripe. Once they were glued down I then selected the miss you sentiment and stamped with the Brutus Monroe detail ink.  I fussy cut the sentiment out and glued down to the glitter card stock and fussy cut the sentiment again. Using pop dots I adhered the sentiment to the middle and right stripe.
Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and became inspired to create your our joy collection card. Until next time, happy crafting!
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