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Watercolor Cards!

Watercolor Cards!

Welcome to Wednesday's weekly team hop, where we feature a specific Brutus Monroe product or papercraft technique! 

This week, we are featuring WATERCOLOR techniques. Watercolor can be such a fun way to color images, or create unique backgrounds. Brutus Monroe has several items in the store to help you with your watercolor cards! 

If you seem to have difficulty creating that perfect watercolor background, maybe you want to check out Brutus Monroe's WATERCOLOR BACKGROUND STAMP. This stamp can be rotated and stamped over itself in order to create a gorgeous background! 

Check out this quick video featuring the WATERCOLOR BACKGROUND STAMP in action! 


Go ahead and use several different colors on your background, or even sprinkle some POWDERED ELEMENTS onto the background for some added shimmer! 
Using a stamp isn't always necessary for a fun watercolor background, though. Go ahead and loosely add some color onto some watercolor paper and let the colors move and do their own thing! The results are always unpredictable, and always fun! Add the colors with a paintbrush, or try doing a little ink smooshing!
So many creative ways to add watercolor to your projects! Let's hop on over to the team members' blogs to see what they've created! 
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