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Watercolor Background using Stencils

Watercolor Background using Stencils

Hello! I LOVE stencils! There are so many fun things you can do with stencils, and today, I wanted to show you a technique that I love using stencils with aqua pigments.

Here are the supplies you will need: a spray bottle with water, aqua pigments, aqua pigment paper, a stencil and some paper towels.

I also used a glass mat as my work surface. Having a slick surface to work on is also helpful for this. The first thing is to spray your work surface with water:

Then, add some color! I used a blue green, pink, and some pearl to add a little shimmer:

Next, spray your paper with some water, this helps the color move around. The more water you add, the more blended the colors will be. If you want more splotches and defined colors, use less water.

Then get to smooshing! Put your paper down into the color and press and move around:

This is a beautiful background on its own!

But, I like to add one more step for a subtle background texture. While the ink and water is still wet, lay your stencil down onto your paper:

And lay a paper towel over top and press:

The paper towel pulls up some color and leaves a subtle texture!

Once this was dry, I cut it down to mini slimline size. With this beautiful background, all you need to do is add an image and a sentiment, and your card is ready to go!


I hope you have lots of fun trying this technique with all your stencils!


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