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Shake it Up Blog Hop!

Shake it Up Blog Hop!

Welcome back to the blog, crafty friends! For this week's hop, we are featuring SHAKER CARDS! So fun! 

Shaker cards are a fun way to add an interactive element to your creations. There are multiple ways to be able to create shaker cards, as well. Brutus Monroe has some easy-to-use SHAKER POUCHES, which you simply fill with your shaker bits, seal up, and adhere them down to your project. 

If you prefer to use FOAM TAPE for your shakers, Brutus Monroe also has foam that is super sticky AND the right dimension to allow for a shaker that is full of amazing beads and sequins! 

Once you have your shaker ready, you need to be able to fill it, right? We also have a variety of BOTTLE CAP SEQUINS, as well as some special mixes that can make your shaker cards unique and stand out! Here is a peek at our HOLLY JOLLY MIX, so festive! 

Now that you know what Brutus Monroe has to offer for shaker cards, let's get hopping! The team has mixed up some amazing shaker card inspiration, and we hope it will encourage you to try some shaker cards of your own!

If you do create your own cards using Brutus Monroe, please share your creations! You are welcome to join and post in our BRUTUS MONROE FAN CLUB, and also to tag us on any social media. We also keep an eye on our hashtags, #CreateYourOwnEnding and #BrutusMonroe. We love to see what you create!  








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