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Purples and Greens  and Teals - oh my!

Purples and Greens and Teals - oh my!

Hello all and Happy Fall! This is my favorite time of year with all the pumpkins and leaves and cool breezes. But I can't live without my purples! For this card, I used the Picked Patch stamp with some Chroma Mists for watercoloring. I wanted to get a few different tones of colors so I mixed some of the Chroma Mists together for a few additional colors!
I started by embossing the image using the Raven embossing powder. This is a 6x6 inch stamp and I wanted to use a slim line, so I just stamped and embossed and then lined up the stamp along the edge of my already embossed image and stamped again and embossed. This image is super easy to line up if you want to extend the width! 
Once it was all embossed and cut down to size, I started watercoloring. I put some of each of the following Chroma Mists on my glass mat - Lilac purple, Yellow Green, Turquoise, and Blue Violet. I mixed the Turquoise and Yellow Green together to get my teal colors. I wanted each pumpkin to be a little different in color so some colors I used straight and for other pumpkins I mixed colors in different amounts just to change up the shades a bit. This was so much fun! 
When I watercolor, I usually do a couple different layers, letting the colors dry in between. For these pumpkins, I put down a lighter base coat of the color and let it dry. I would then go in with my brush and apply a second layer, with a little bit more concentration of color and just in certain areas - maybe using it to create some darker areas around the top of the pumpkins of around where the pumpkins overlap.
Once this was all dry, I used a blending brush to lightly apply some black dye ink around the edges to give it a little shading. I thought that this made the middle part of the card glow! 
To finish it all off, I applied Fallen Snow glitter glaze just to the one pumpkins in the middle to highlight it and added the sentiment "You're the Pick of the Patch!"
What a fun stamp this is! I will be enjoying coloring these pumpkins time and time again! What are your favorite fall colors?

Thanks for stopping by! You can check out some of my other projects over on Instagram: @purple_puppy_papercrafting
Here are links to the products I used!
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