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Inspiration Team Crafty Goals

Inspiration Team Crafty Goals

Happy New Year!

With the new year, comes new goals and I thought it might be fun to share some of our 2022 creative goals.

Shannon Smith

For me it is always a constant battle to keep my craft space organized. There is such a constant flow of letting go of old things and making space for new things. This year I want to paint and organize my space. I want everything to have a home that makes for an easy flow of creating. 

Kate Deignan

My crafty goal for 2022 is to plan my card making sessions.  I usually just dive into making a card and then have a huge crafter-math.  I’m going to try to sketch out designs and really THINK before I DO.  I’m planning on keeping a sketchbook near my desk to sketch out several ideas for each set BEFORE I make a mess!


Sammi Offfield

My 2022 crafty goal is to take the plunge and start doing lives. I have bought all of the equipment, but I'm still waiting to take the plunge. I also want to be a cleaner crafter. I always make a mess while creating!


Gina Crotchfelt

My crafty goal for 2022 is to push my creative limits. I want to experiment and try things I would normally shy away from. Even if it's something as small as making a horizontal card, since I almost always go vertical! Or working in uncommon color palettes.


Rebecca Lockhart

2022 is all about using up stash for me!  I want to use up those collections that are almost killed and the random items that I’ve said I’ll use one day but never do so I have way too much.  I want to incorporate something “old” from my stash along with all the pretty new items!  This is also in conjunction with getting my craft-room organized and manageable to use all the things all the time.


Jessica Vittek

My 2022 crafty goal is to be more active on my YouTube channel.  I love sharing my passion for all things papercrafting and want to explore this avenue more this year.



Jessica Vasher

My 2022 goal is to take that jump into video! Whether it's YouTube or IG lives, I want to try and push myself to take this next step. And setting some time aside to do a really healthy purge. It's time to give my stamps to someone who would find as much joy in them as I did!



Kathy Buress

My 2022 goal is to experiment with new techniques and products. I want to take risks and work outside my comfort zone without worrying about perfect results the first time… it's only paper, right?!!



Kandice Johnson

My crafty 2022 goal is to be ahead of the “deadline”; not to be on time, but to be early. Whether it’s for a DT project or a birthday card, I want to get things done before, I have to get it done. That way, I feel more available not only in time, but also more creative to do other crafty interests / projects!


Lara Rizzotto

My crafty goal for 2022 is definitely to set aside more time for crafting. With a full time job and a young daughter (and a husband 😁) it's easy to let other things take priority over my creative time. I also want to be more consistent with writing my blog and take the plunge into making YouTube videos! Finally, I need to start using my craft stash more instead of keep buying more stuff!!


Sweta Changela

My crafty goal for 2022 is to ‘step up and just do it’. Whether it is doing new things for the first time or finishing up previous projects … just do it! Of course this means time management in the background.


Candi Van Der Werf

My crafty goals for 2022 are three fold.  First, I want to do more videos and grow my audience so I can do live videos from it.  Second, I want to be more diligent in posting on my blog and not just social media.  Third, I also have personal goals to use my stash and use stamps, dies, or media that have NEVER been used yet and incorporate them with new ideas or projects.


Annie Collins

My goals for 2022 is to keep growing my YouTube channel and keep up with my blog. I really would love to see my craft room in a more organized manner. Another big goal is to use up some of my older stash. I like to sprinkle it with newer things but I think I need bigger sprinkles. 


Kelly Fusco

My 2022 Crafty goal is to DESTASH TREMENDOUSLY.  I'm overwhelmed with "stuff" and it tends to kill my creativity. And I plan to play with mixed Media too! Happy 2022


Betsy Birge

Things I want to improve on in 2022: Use the kits I buy instead of hoarding them and actually send out some of the cards that I make! I am also trying to use more mediums in my cards and not just rely on my favorites. Time management is another big one...never enough hours in my day!


Nicole Martel

My main goal is to purge a little bit..., reorganize my space and use what I have. This year, I'm really going to use my stash more... and cut down on my spending. I also want to take a few virtual crops to learn new techniques and meet new crafty friends!


Audrey Medd

My crafty goal this year is to push myself outside of my comfort zone and create products I may not normally use or create layouts in different ways than I am accustomed to.


Sandie Reverski

This year, I have two goals. One will take all year to complete. I’ve been posting a video a day on YouTube since February 2020. I want to continue that throughout 2022. 

I also want to truly purge, clean, and organize my scrap room. I’ve done it halfway a few times, but this is the year to really make it happen. 


Brandon Leggitt

My crafty goal is to use up all my leftover scraps that I haven’t used 


Kelly D. Nagy

My crafty goals for 2022 are:

  1. Create digital content in the form of pre-recorded videos and lives to feature the awesome products that are available.
  2. Destash and organize my crafty space to make it more functional, but also see what I have collected over the years and utilize or upcycle into current projects or bless someone else with my overage.
  3. Focus on my blog and practice creating visually beautiful photos and instruction for others to reference, learn or gleam inspiration from.
  4. Create OUTSIDE my comfort zone.  Dabble in new products and techniques, make new friends and inspiration sources in an effort to destress and just have fun!


Aya Bandk

My crafty goal for 2022 is to mass produce my card designs. Keep my crafty desk under control. 


Olivia Marmara

My crafty goals are

  1. To get ahead in my card stash...especially birthday cards so I don't have to rush at the last minute to make a card or, even worse, buy one because it is too late. 
  2. Purge items that I really don't use.
  3. Continue working on my mixed media skills, especially my art journaling.



Maria Russell

My crafty goal is to 

  1. Purge a lot of the supplies that I haven't touched for years.
  2. Reorganize my craft room
  3. Use the craft supplies I have and cut down on spending too much money on the "latest crafty supplies" that I don't really need.


Arjita Sepaha

My crafty goal is to be able to create more videos for my channel and to try to be consistent with my creative journey.


Monica Edwards

My goal is to get my YouTube channel more established. To get over the sound of my voice 😂 and do more videos. Also to do more lives onFB.  To use more older stamps or should I say bring them back to life.  I love showing how versatile a product can be used in innovative ways.


I hope our team has given you some ideas and perhaps inspired you to set your own crafty goals for this year!


-Shannon Smith

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