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Glitter Drop Blog Hop!

Glitter Drop Blog Hop!

Welcome back to the blog, friends! This week, the team has put together a hop to show off our GLITTER DROPS! Our Glitter Drops come in four colors, and they are in a squeezable, 1oz bottle. These drops can be applied straight from the bottle, or you can use them to spread over a stencil! 

As the drops dry, the color and shine becomes more vibrant. When totally dry, these drops are flexible, so they are able to bend without cracking or flaking off. This makes it possible to create fun embellishments that you can peel off of a non-stick surface once dry, and apply to your projects! Marie used this technique when creating some Glitter Drop Fairies using our FLYING FAIRY STENCIL. 


After your drops are dry, you can also color over them using alcohol markers! This does not hurt the drops or your markers in any way. Coloring over the drops gives you so many options in creating! 



We are in love with these Drops, and hope you will be, too! The team has created some stunning projects to help get your ideas flowing. Just follow the list of links below to visit each team member's blogs to see how they have used their Glitter Drops! Happy hopping! 








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