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Fun with Chroma Glaze and Opal Foil!

Fun with Chroma Glaze and Opal Foil!

Hello! I wanted to share a technique that I love and don't use as often as I should! Did you know that you can foil over dried chroma glaze? You're thinking - well why would I want to cover the beautiful chroma glaze? And you're right! BUT...if you use Opal foil from ThermoWeb, the chroma glaze color will shine through and be transformed into shimmery goodness!

I am using the Sweet Sprinkles Stencil today - I LOVE this stencil! I have been using it on everything. And it is perfect for what I wanted to do today - create a rainbow of colors with chroma glaze

I made sure that the colors I used next to each other would blend well without creating a brown muddy mess. I always think of the rainbow and use the colors in that order - ROY G BIV - except I used a pink instead of red to start off my rainbow. I used a palette knife and started in one corner and spread a little of the pink, and then cleaned the palette knife and used yellow next - where I let them overlap, I went back and forth a bit with the knife and created a new color with the mix! I did this for each subsequent color that I used to create a rainbow. I didn't even have to use a green, the green on the panel is a mix of the yellow into blue. I ended up only using four different colors to create my rainbow - Pink, Yellow, Blue, Purple.

Look how pretty the finished background is! You could even stop here and use this as a background - it is gorgeous!

BUT....I want a little shimmer! The Opal foil has a translucent backer on it, so whatever you put it over will show through and just add an iridescent shimmer. I thought this would be perfect to add onto the rainbow sprinkles.

I turned on my Minc machine (you could also use a laminator - make sure you let it heat up for a while to get it nice and hot!) and waited for it to heat up. I used a carrier sheet and put in my panel with the dried chroma glaze (make sure you let it dry completely before doing this step! Or you will have a smeary mess. I let mine dry for a couple hours - I went and ate dinner and relaxed a bit and when I came back to it, it was ready!). I cut a piece of the Opal foil big enough to fit over the entire panel and laid it on top, pretty side facing up, so the dull side is touching the chroma glaze.

I put it through the Minc and out came a beautifully, shimmery panel!

With a background as shimmery and pretty as this one, you don't need to add much to finish the card. I used the Breakfast Buddies die set to die cut a donut and icing (the icing is cut from a piece of the Sprinkled with Love paper pad!). I used foam to pop these onto the background and Viola! A shimmery, sweet card to send to someone you love~


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