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A Statement In Regards to Our April 2019 Release

Hello My Dear Friends,
As many of you have learned last evening, our company has recently been struck by the unfortunate counterfeit ring that has plagued the papercraft industry for the past several months. As we prepared for the largest new release in the past two years of Brutus Monroe, we learned that several of our new stamp sets were already created and distributed in China. Our stamp sets are not made overseas and will never be produced overseas, all of the Brutus Monroe stamps that many of you know and love are manufactured right here in the USA. I have decided to place a hold on the April release as we investigate how these items were reproduced without our knowledge. Unfortunately as long the counterfeit items are in circulation we must pause the full release as our partners in creativity will not know if they are receiving a counterfeit product or a legitimate Brutus Monroe Product. Moving forward in the next several months we will be taking huge measures to ensure our artwork and intellectual property is even further protected. You will begin seeing authenticity stickers on our products that are unique to the Brutus Monroe Brand that include a serial number and specific holographic sticker that cannot be reproduced.  I want to thank everyone that reached out to us with their love and support at this time. We will continue our normal operations as we investigate the potential loss as uncover additional counterfeit items and reproductions that have not been licensed to the Brutus Monroe Brand. We will talk soon and I will continue to provide updates as they become available. 
Yours Always-


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Dayna Lum-Akana - April 20, 2019

Aloha Christopher,
I am disheartened to learn of the theft and send my very best wishes and prayers to you and the team in support. Hang tough, my friend, and may you have a speedy, favorable, result.
auntie dayna

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